Four “Must have “ flies for the upcoming season at Umba and Grand Varzuga

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The Cascade salmon fly pattern has caught thousands of fish in recent years and has become one of the most successful flies for Atlantic salmon. Fishing one the many Famous Russian Salmon river it is a  “Must” to have in the “ammunition box”. I estimate that the Cascade fly score more than 60 percent of our total catch at the Grand Varzuga

The Cascade can produce fish in almost any conditions and at any time of year. In the summer tiny flies tied on size 12 hooks or even smaller doubles will take fish in the lowest water. When the water is higher or colder, larger sizes or single, double up to size 2. For really high and cold water tube fly versions tied on plastic, aluminum or brass tubes are successful from the earliest days of spring and again for very late autumn fishing.

The Cascade

  • Tail: hot Orange & Yellow Bucktail with clear Krystal hair.
  • Body: half silver and half black floss silk with medium oval tinsel rib.
  • Wing: Black Fox, maybe with some silver Krystal Hair blended into the wing.
  • Collar hackles: yellow & hot orange.
  • Head: black thread or varnish


The Boyo Fly

Illtyd is a AAPGAI Master Fishing Instructor in both single handed (Trout/Sea trout) and double handed (salmon) disciplines. This is the most prestigious and difficult to attain qualification in the UK. Illtyd also share a deep passion for Umba river. A river he has fished fourteen times always with good result, maybe because he is almost always fishing his trusted Boyo fly. With permission from Illtyd YOU have now a chance to fill your boxes for the upcoming season 2014 season with Illtyd Griffiths super fly.

The Boyo fly

  • Hook: Double 4,6,8,10 or 12 this fly is tied on a Salar Size 7
  • Tag: Oval silver
  • Back Body: Silver flat braid ribbed with oval silver
  • Mid Hackle: Orange hen or soft cock
  • Tail: Yellow and orange mixed Bucktail with a few strands of orange Flashabou Accent or similar.
  • Front Body: Black UV dubbing ribbed with oval silver.
  • Wing: Black bucktail or on smaller patterns Arctic Runner Hair
  • Front Hackles: Black and sunburst Yellow mixed hen or soft cock hackles
  • Cheeks: Jungle Cock tied below horizontal
  • Head: Black with band if fluorescent red thread.


Red Butt – “The Workhorse”

One of the most popular and productive Salmon flies for our fishing in Russia, has to be the Red Butt.

Red Butt

  • Butt: Fine oval silver Tinsel
  • Tag : Red Flatbraid
  • Tail: Red Fluofiber
  • Body: first half/ silver Flatbraid. Second half/ peacock ice dubbing
  • Ribbing: medium oval silver Tinsel
  • Bodyhackle: black hackle
  • Wing: black Tanuki
  • Throat: black hackle
  • Sides: jungle cock
  • Head: red Thread
  • Hook: Partridge Double Wilson/ Low Water Size 2 – 10


The Podolsky fly

In August 2013 just two days before I was heading Umba for my Fall season, I wanted to honour my long termed friend, late Nick Podolsky – Our trusty Umba camp manager and dear friend during many years. During six weeks I was only fishing with The Podolsky fly and the fly proved its worth, with 45 salmon in total. Biggest Salmon was 3 x 15Lb. 2 x 17Lb. 1 x 18Lb. 3 x 20Lb. 1 x 22 Lb and 1 x 25Lb.

The Podolsky fly

  • Hook: Double Hook 6 – 8
  • Tail: Bucktail, Kingfisher Blue, mixed with 2-4 strain of Krystal Flash in color Pearl Blue (notice that the tail should have the same length as the fly, or a bit longer
  • Body: Braided Silver Tinsel.
  • Wing: Black Polar Fox.
  • Hackle: Black Hackle and Orange front Hackle

 “Have fun out there”

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