A circle is beautiful complete.

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Photo: A young Daniel Podolsky sitting below his father Nick Podolsky

We at Salmon Junkies are very happy to announce that Daniel Podolsky have decided to join our team at the Umba Lodge after several years working at Ryabaga camp at Ponoi. Daniel is son of late Head guide, camp manager and environmentalist Nick Podolsky.
In the late 90s as a young kid Daniel Podolsky came to Umba Lodge where Daniel obversely showed a great interest for Spey casting, and with some few hours casting instructions under the belt, he took off and became one of the most skill full spey casters I ever have see. Daniel became also soon a important member of the guide group at Umba 2000 and 2001. Now after several years at Ponoi, Daniel have decided to return to his beloved Umba river, where we will greet him warm welcome. A circle is beautiful complete.

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