Almost world record Steelhead on fly

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Our second week here at then Skeena has come to an end. Last week will of course be remembered for Franco Sirtori´s fantastic 43 inch Steelhead (Almost world record Steelhead on fly). Franco Sirtori have been fishing for Steelhead for many years in the upper section of the mighty Skeena system, and have caught many big Steelhead. But to break the 30 Lb barrier for Steelhead is something very special, and comparable to catch a 45 – 50 Lb Atlantic Salmon. Once again a big congratulation to Franco – YOU really deceived that magnificent fish! Beside Franco´s trophy fish, we also managed to land Steelhead in some of our many other tributaries we can fish. Mike Spurlock and Jeff Bright from San Francisco had a blast Friday afternoon where they manage to land 11 Steelhead up to 12 lb. during some few hours fishing. During last week most of the Steelhead we landed was been between 10 – 18 Lb  – all super chrome dynamite packages, that almost tear you gear apart and stripped your reels from line. Terry Nab from Idaho lost Friday a whopper that pulled him around for almost 30 minutes and stripped him for hundred of meters of line – just when it was ready to be landed the fly came out. Most likely a Steelhead around 20Lb. In total our second week turned out very good in spite of the cold weather and low water conditions we have here at the Skeena this Spring. However all in the group had a good laugh and a lot of fun last week. We at Salmon Junkies have enjoyed so much our stay here together with our friends and partners from Nicholas Dean Outdoors and Pioneer lodge, that we find it very difficult to know that we only have 4 days left here in Steelhead heaven. Right now it is raining here at the lower Skeena, so we expect a big push of fish during the next days. Stay tuned for more Steelhead news.

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