Skeena – Low and clear

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DSCN0488 The first part of our second week here at the Skeena has finished. This week we have been blessed with far warmer and pleasant weather than last week. During the daytime we have been fortuned with temperatures from 5 – 14 degrees, and a couple of days it has been very sunny and nice – wonderful after last week cold gales and freezing temperatures. Obviously we have less fish in the river compared to last year bonanza. However we get daily some really nice Steelies that challenge our skill and gear. Yesterday Franco Sirtori and Arne Kristensen went to Kalum river rafting downstream. During the day they hook 14 Steelhead, but they didn’t manage to land any of them – Holy smoke Steelhead can be a challenging mental game. Biggest Steelhead so far has been Franco Sirtori´s super monster Steelhead from 3rd April. The fish was measured to 107,5 cm and estimated by “Old time guide” Scott Young to be plus 30Lb. Franco Sirtori has been fishing Skeena and its tributaries many times, so personally I´m not surprised that Franco manage to get a trophy fish like this – It was truly well deserved catch. The rest of our 8 rods group has been doing fine as well. The weather forecast has promise rain during the next days – Just what we need, so stay tuned for more news from Steelhead paradise here at the mighty Skeena.


The Dude himself Mr Scott Young with Franco Sirtori´s monster Steelhead

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