Our first spring week has come to an end at the wonderful Skeena

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In spite of far more colder weather than normal, we all had a great opening week here at the Skeena together with our partners from Nicholas Dean Outdoors. The first days were brutal, with strong gales and temperatures that forced us to wear the warmest cloth we could find in our bags. Every half hour we have to light fires on the riverbank to keep us warm. With a water temperature just above 0 C degree the conditions was though and we ended almost up “Chasing The Fish Of a Thousands Cast”. However we manage to get some very nice fresh Steelies up to 18 lbs. during our first week here at Skeena. All the fish was caught on Skagit lines combined with sink tip in rates Sink 3 our T 11. Together with the flashiest flies we could find in the fly box.  At the end of the week the weather improved slightly considerably and Copper rive came into action. Best result at the Copper River was Thursday and Friday where Christopher Meyer and Kåre Lundquist manage to pull out some five fantastic Bucks between15 – 18 Lbs. In total we had a great week in a good company with our partner from Nicholas Dean Outdoor and the Pioneer lodge. The weather forecast have promised far better and warmer weather during the next weeks, so it looks like the spring finally have decided to arrive.

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