First mid-week report from Skeena

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In spite of unusual cold weather and strong gales similar to Patagonia, we have been doing fine during the first three days here at the Lower Skeena. Kåre Lundquist have landed a bunch of silver bucks just below Terrace, and Copper. Day two we could celebrate Christopher Meyers first Steelhead – A Chrome beauty (See Photo). That happened just after a pack of big Wolf passed us on the far bank. Biggest Steelie for our group this week has been a nice 17Lb silver buck.

Skeena are right now running low and clear as it is suppose to do this time of the season, but the spring have been very late this year. We have high snow banks all over the river and it has been extremely cold weather the last four weeks. This week we have been struggling hard from early morning to late afternoon by Snow showers and strong cold gales, that forced us to wear the warmest clothe we could find. However warmer weather have been forecast within a couple of days, and it looks like we have some serious spring weather approaching. Good news indeed. Stay tuned for more Skeena news.

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