“River of Mists.”

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Skeena Steelhead – Salmon Junkies are just about leaving for our three weeks at the mighty Skeena river in BC. One of the last strongholds for gigantic Steelhead.

We at Salmon Junkies have over the years developed salmon programs that are among the best in the world today. In that tradition we have tailored one of the most awesome steelhead programs on the market, where our guests will be able to fish Skeena mainstem and select tributaries in a full 6-day package – not the usual 5 days package – this in company of some of the best and most hardcore Canadian steelhead guides available. Beside our many guests that will follow us to Skeena this season, will also have the big pleasure to host world famous rod builder Bob Clay from Kispiox, and well-known Steelhead Journalist Jeff Bright during our three weeks at the Skeena. I´m feel confidence that we will have a blast with a lot of fun, and we look very much forward to see all of you

The Skeena is justifiably world-renowned for its summer and fall steelhead fishing. But perhaps the hidden gem in the region’s treasures is the spring fishery in the lower valley tributaries around the town of Terrace. Here, as the alders bud and ruffed grouse drum in the forest, fresh steelhead push into pools to join the nearly year-long run and the fly fisher has an opportunity to connect with what are often the largest steelhead of the year. Also in our focus will be the lower Zymoetz (Copper) River as well as a few other tributaries and small coastal rivers that may hold spring-run fish in this period. In all cases, the season again is our friend. The relatively low flows of late winter and early spring give the fly fisher access to classic runs, riffles and flat-water glides that are typically obscured by the higher, glacial flows of summer and fall.

For guiding and outfitting services in our steelhead program, we have partnered with award-winning Nicholas Dean Outdoors. Based in Terrace and named Fly Fusion Magazine’s Canadian Lodge of the Year for 2012, NDO features a roster of guides whose knowledge of local rivers and fish are unrivaled in the area. Accordingly, NDO enjoys a well-earned, loyal following of spring steelhead anglers. We are confident that our guests will find their work to be exemplary.

Stay tuned for Skeena reports on www.salmonjunkies.com

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