Great Fly Boxes from Vision

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For many years the British manufactured Fly box from Richard Wheatley was the best fly box you could find, and I must admit that I still find an old battled Wheatley box with a good selection of once salmon flies unbelievable cool. However in the “plastic age” we live in, a cheap plastic box do it as good as any Wheatley box. For many year the Swedish Myrans boxes was my favorite, as the construction and the plastic was second to none. Now Finnish Vision have come up with a line of very nice fly boxes, in a slim and very handy design (Not oversized and over designed like many other boxes you find on the market today). I have been using a bunch of these Vision fly boxes for the last three years, and the quality is second to none, easy to storage in a chest pocket or in the front pocket of your waders – Vision´s slim Plastic fly boxes are highly recommendable for all who are looking for a perfect home for their flies
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