Nick Podolsky´s Silver Doctor

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Last year at the height of the hot Kola summer a completely meaningless tragedy hit all Umba lovers like unwarned lightning.  While setting up a youth Summer camp near the White Sea Umba head guide and master fish carver, Nick Podolsky and his friend Sergei Malashenko were gunned down by a local maniac.

Nobody knew the great Umba River better than Nick and we at Salmon Junkies lost a great man and an irreplaceable friend. Not a single day are passing without missing him.

As I checked my salmon fly boxes earlier last winter, a special fly materialized in a corner of one of the boxes, namely Nick’s own elegantly simplified version of the good old classic Silver Doctor, which he gave to me many years ago.

I remember I got some nice fish on that fly the following years and in case some of our guests want to tie the fly and give it a swim during the new season I give the pattern here in detail. Let’s name it NICK´S SILVER DOCTOR


  • Hook: long shank doubles or singles size 12-4
  • Thread: Red
  • Tag: Oval silver tinsel
  • Butt: Red floss
  • Tail: Small bunch of yellow polar fox
  • Body: Flat silver tinsel
  • Rib: Oval silver tinsel
  • Wing: Small bunches of red under yellow under blue polar fox with a nice barred teal feather tied flat over the hair
  • Head: Red varnish

A big thanks to Camp Manager Orla Bertram Nielsen for sharing Nick´s Silver Doc. with all our readers

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