Do you need a line that can chuck heavy sink-tips and turn over big juicy flies in the early season / late fall? – Go for Vision ACE Skagit

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Skagit heads have revolutionized sink-tip fishing with two-handed rods. They have made fishing sink-tips and heavy / bulky flies easier, more effective, and far more fun. A Skagit head consists of a sink-tip, a short, fat diameter floating body, and a running line. If your need to chuck heavy sink-tips and turn over big juicy flies in the early season, and still feel it is groovy and easy. do yourself a favor… YOU should try one of Visio´s Ace Skagit floating head + T –tip. This floating head range covers line weights for relevant rod lengths and weights. The T-tips range includes three different lengths and each of them has three different weight classes. The tip’s length and sinking rate is chosen according to the place you fish, not according what you think the line can cast. All tips come with pre-made loops in both ends to make your fishing nice and easy. All Ace Skagit floating heads are delivered with a suitable T14 tip.

These modern Skagit shooting heads, have been my favorite for spring and later season fishing for many years. I just love the simplicity and the way they fish. For more info check

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