How to take care of your precious Fly Reel

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A modern fly reel is a remarkable piece of engineering. The tolerances are aircraft level and so are the materials. As such we have to take proper care to avoid damage. Most important? Keep the care instructions that come with your reel. Reels have different drag systems and some require different types of care. Know which one yours is. Take the spool off of the body and make sure you clean our any sand, grit, or dirt after every trip. In the spring, a drop of high quality oil (sewing machine as an example) on the moving parts and center shaft. It is also wise to check and screws that hold the reel together and ensure they are tight. A reel has a lot of movement during casting and they can work loose over time.

  • Don’t knock the reel against rocks, boat decks, hard floors etc. Small scratches and dents expose bare metal which will corrode.
  • On a boat always place the rod butt (and reel) on a damp cloth, so it will not slide and scratch.
  • Never drop the reel in sand! Sand grains are very hard and can scratch the inner housing, damage drag disks and even ball bearings.
  • Very Important – Always loosen the drag completely when the reel is not in use.
  • Click & Pawl reels like Hardy´s are nowhere near the fanciest or most intricately made reels out there. What they lack in engineering though, they more than make up for in both personality and functionality.
  • Flush away dirt by placing the spool and frame under a stream of fresh water (Not to steaming hot water)
  • Dry carefully with a lint free cloth
  • Lubricate with a good quality oil
  • Always ensure the spindle is adequately greased
  • Always turn the click-check to minimum setting to avoid compression of the springs
  • Always ensure the reel and line are dry before storing in the case or pouch
  • This way you have a lifelong friend that won’t let you down

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