Winter – Time to nurse your precious Spey rods

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Maintenance is an important issue. Below you will find some essential information how to take care of your Spey rod. Follow these simple steps and get the most out of your gear

How to take care of your Spey rod

  • Keep your reel seat clean from dirt and grit.
  • Clean and dry your rod after each fishing trip. Also take good care of the guides, dirty guides will have a negative influence on casting performance.
  • Always rinse all metal parts on the rod in fresh water after use in salt or brackish water.
  • Store in a dry environment.
  • Regularly treat the ferrules with candle wax. This makes it easier to separate the parts and helps to protect the carbon from wearing out prematurely.
  • If your line is caught, don’t force it loose by using the rod. Always pull on the line with your hands.
  • Don’t bend your rod at extreme angles over a short distance. The rod is designed to bend throughout its complete length. This rule is crucial to keep in mind
  • Never hold the rod by the tip and thread the line through the guides with the rod in a straight position.
  • Never use tools to take apart fastened joints. Big changes in temperature make the carbon expand and get stuck. Disassemble the rod after each fishing trip to avoid this happening. If joints are stuck, hold the two parts behind your knees and pull in both directions. If you want to loosen the joint by twisting. Make sure to grab as close as possible to the joints. Do not twist a large area of the rod. Ice cubes can help if joints are stuck

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