The Podolsky fly

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In August just two days before I was heading for my Umba fall season, I came up with a new Umba fly in honour of late Nick Podolsky – Our Umba camp manager and dear friend during many years

During six weeks I was only fishing with The Podolsky fly and the fly proved its worth, with 45 salmon in total.

Biggest Salmon was 3 x 15Lb. 2 x 17Lb. 1 x 18Lb. 3 x 20Lb. 1 x 22 Lb and 1 x 25Lb.

“The Podolsky fly”

  • Hook: Double Hook 6 – 8
  • Tail: Bucktail, Kingfisher Blue, mixed with 2-4 strain of Krystal Flash in color Pearl Blue (notice that the tail should have the same length as the fly, or a bit longer
  • Body: Braided Silver Tinsel.
  • Wing: Black Polar Fox.
  • Hackle: Black Hackle and Orange front Hackle


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