Skeena – Home of the Largest and Strongest Steelhead in the World

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Skeena Steelhead – Join us for the hottest and strongest freshwater fish in the world where they’re at their very best – in the lower 20 miles of the Skeena river. During five days last spring Columbus Leth and I managed to land 30 big Steelies (Most fish was Sea liced). Two fish was 20 lbs and with a 22Lbs. for Columbus as the biggest. Beside the twenty pounders, we managed to land 27 Steelhead between 13 – 19 Lbs. Smallest fish was a couple of 13lbs chromes. Many of the fish stripped us for more than 200 meters of backing in the first run, and most of the time we had to jump behind a hot Chromer 200 – 300m downstream before we managed to land the fish.

We have over the years developed salmon programs that are among the best in the world today. In that tradition we are tailoring one of the most awesome steelhead programs on the market. We are very excited to announce that in 2014 we will offer 3 prime weeks (Exclusively) where you will be able to fish Skeena mainstem and select tributaries in a full 6-day package – not the usual 5 days package – in company of some of the best and most hardcore Canadian steelhead guides available.
Skeena. It is a powerful and evocative word. To the indigenous peoples of British Columbia’s north coast region it is the “River of Mists.” To fly fishers around the globe it is a dream destination offering nearly boundless opportunity to pursue what are among the largest sea-run fish on the planet.

Spring Fishing – A Hidden Gem:
While the river’s 100-pound Chinook salmon may be its biggest, the most desired and iconic Skeena fish is the steelhead. The Skeena is justifiably world-renowned for its summer and fall steelhead fishing. But perhaps the hidden gem in the region’s treasures is the spring fishery in the lower valley tributaries around the town of Terrace. Here, as the alders bud and ruffed grouse drum in the forest, fresh steelhead push into pools to join the nearly year-long run and the fly fisher has an opportunity to connect with what are often the largest steelhead of the year.

Please watch our NEW Steelhead short movie from our trip 2013 and you can judge yourself.

Join me to Skeena Spring 2014

22/3 – 29/3 – 2 open rods

29/3 – 5/4 – 1 open rod

5/4 – 12/4 – Full booked

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