Farewell to a tough season 2013

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96 cm 26lbs

A consistent weather change finally came to the Southern part of Kola with cold gales and some rain – But not enough rain to make the river raising more than an inch or two. However the season ended with several exciting battles along the river and good stories for the memory books

Danish Jesper Sloth, landed a outstanding Chrome Salmon of 22 lbs from Home Pool on the first day after only one hour of fishing (Our Bonus day). The salmon took one of the most productive Umba flies – The Cascade size 6.

One of the weeks highlight or drama took place in Krivets where Swedish Ulf Johnnsson hooked a large salmon of approx. 20 lbs. After pulling around with Ulf for several minutes the fly suddenly came out. Only a few minutes later Ulf hooked an even bigger salmon, that ended up busting his 0.35 tippet at the edge of the tail out of Island pool. Higher up in Krivets Martin Gerber landed a HOT 15 pounder in Long Pool, while Karl Kreissig , landed a beautiful chrome fish at 18 lbs.

Erik Sloth (Jesper Sloths brother) kicked off week with a beautiful fish of 21 lbs. also from Home pool. The brothers were of course rewarded with our special 20 lbs cab. Erik slipped in between eight salmon while Jesper ended up with six fine fish.

Our last Umba week 2013 produced a total of 48 salmon for the book. Reinhard Bukowsky and Erik Sloth landed the higest number of 8 Salmon to each of them. Ken Poincelet caught 7 Salmon including the week’s biggest, a 26 lbs. magnificent chromer from Long pool. Alan Ebb landed the weeks the fourth +20 lbs  – a super 23 pounder.

When our small group left the Umba Lodge in the middle of the cold, starry October night, the group was farewelled by a awesome Aurora borealis – I think that most in the small group lost their hearts to the great Umba river, in spite very difficult weather conditions caused by the extremely dry season.

Winter is near the Kola Peninsula. Hopefully with lots of snow, so we cross our fingers for more normal weather conditions in 2014

Photo below: Alan Ebb write himselves into the +20Lbs Hall of Fame of the year

Kind regards

Orla Bertram Nielsen

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