Brotherhood at Umba

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Hi Steffen

A after a week at Umba, life is slowly getting back to me. But having said that, it has been a terrific trip . Our guide Igor was “Mr. helpfulness himself”, and he was a great help everywhere where we fished.

Saturday on our “Bonus day” I landed after a hard 20 minutes fight my first Salmon on the trip – A magnificent 22 lbs. beauty. My 20Lbs club Salmon cap was at secured, and so was the week.

I think I was the proudest brother in the world Five days later, when my brother Erik landed a 21 lbs Salmon also the home pool, a new red cap to our team was secured. We must be the first pair of brothers who have visited Umba where both became members in the exclusive Twenty Lbs. club. Those were the two biggest fish – in total we landed 13 salmon. 12 lightning blank and only one resident salmon – 22Lbs. 21Lbs. 17Lbs. 15Lbs. 15Lbs. 9Lbs 9Lbs.9Lbs. 9Lbs. 9Lbs. 7Lbs. 7Lbs. 7Lbs. what a catch.

Steffen – I could write so much more , but would rather call you later today

Best regards

Jesper Sloth

Ps. We will both return to fantastic Umba within soon



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