Report from Umba 28 September – 5 October

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No rain in the Tersky region – Our normally very trustworthy Umba river looked more like a small trout stream than the mighty Umba river we all love and adore. In spite of these cold facts, last group manage against all odds to land a fair numbers of Salmon. Top rod was “as usual” French Gerard Garnier with 10 salmon under the belt when the week finished. Biggest Salmon for Gerard was a 18Lbs super Chromer from Home pool. Probably the most encouraging catch during last week was Clive Bruton’s magnificent 34Lbs colored Salmon he manages to land in Golden Pool. A fish that must have been close to 40Lbs when it entered the river last fall. When these lines are written, serious rain has arrived to Umba – Sunday and Monday it was raining so heavy that the river whet up one inch, which is a miracle taking the extreme dry conditions in the back country into consideration. The result was that the catches on Umba went up significant Sunday and Monday, with some very nice Chromers around 20 – 22Lbs. in the logbook. Interesting to see if the weather finally will change after five months of extreme dry weather on Kola?

The total score last week was 45 Salmon: Biggest was Cliver Bruton’s 34 Lbs Cock fish. 2 Salmon between 20Lbs and 24Lbs. 5 Salmon between 15Lbs and 19Lbs and 17 Salmon between 10Lbs and 14 Lbs – Still a small miracle that we manage to land that many fish under the difficult weather conditions we have been facing during the entire 2013 season. Stay tuned for more Umba news within some days.

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