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Hello Steffen,

I am home now and sitting in my office in Germany. I like to think back to the wonderful time in Umba this fall.

I´d like to say thank you. Thank you for all, the guiding, the meal, the living and the entire organization.

It was again one unforgettable experience for me.

The day on which I was lucky to catch 3 beautiful salmon with a total weight of 61 pounds was quite special. My 25Lbs UMBA-Wopper was the highlight of the trip – Just fantastic. Of course such days are great moments.

The water-level was very low this fall – that’s nature – but the chance of an fresh Chrome-Umba-Wopper was always given – simply fantastic.

I will be very happy, if I can come again next fall.

Sincerely yours

Heinz Pape

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