Umba Full Week report

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The last September week of the Umba Autumn season has now passed by and despite the historical low water conditions Umba came back on the more generous side with some spectacular Umba Chromers. Umba veteran Heinz Pape from Germany made a hat trick – 3 salmon in succession –  in one afternoon and landed a total of 61 Lbs. All BIG Umba Chromers, caught on a small Willie Gun. Kai Welle  from Germany yet another Umba veteran caught a real beauty of 23 Lbs in Stick Pool, welcome – again – to the 20 Lbs Club.

Francois Tartia from France caught his very first Salmon the very first day a real nice Chromer of 15 Lbs. from Home Pool. Francois, caught 9 Salmon – between 15-19 Lbs. – all together during the week, what an accomplishment , well done Francois, I am sure we will see you again:)  A most sought after cold front arrived in the middle of the week and resulted in a big push of Salmon.  Kola veteran Gerard Garnier encountered one of them in Stick Pool. A gigantic Salmon that after a 30 minute of intense fight unfortunately went away, Gerard never saw the submarine fish.

After 5 months of  intense summer on The Kola Peninsula the weather has finally changed to Autumn conditions with rain and strong winds from the North. We now have to wear warm clothing as it is getting much colder, however, the welcomed change in weather have not influenced the low water conditions but has certainly pushed lots of fish up from the sea. We must conclude that this season will go over in the history books for the most warm and driest year in a hundred years.

We are blessed that Umba is surrounded and supported by very big lakes that have made fishing possible during these historical conditions. And due to this the group managed a total of 62 Salmon between them.  14 Salmon between 10-14 Lbs., 17 between 15-19 Lbs and 4 Salmon between 20-24 Lbs.

Moving forward, we now enter  into the October season and October is where we usually catch the biggest Salmon of the season, October last year Peder Langkjær from Denmark caught a GIANT of 32 Lbs. in Golden Pool.

Stay tuned for more reports and hopefully some BIG Umba Giants along with it.

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