Umba full week report

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We are now halfway through our Autumn season in Umba and despite historical low water conditions we catch a decent and acceptable numbers of  Salmon everyday, thanks to the big lakes supporting Umba River. This week will not be remembered for the numbers, but Lars Dam from Denmark will never forget this week. Lars Dam went into a BIG chromer in Office Pool (Krivetz) which dragged him around for at least an hour without showing the slightest sign of fatigue in the harsh rapids downstream. At last the fish were about to give up but decided to make a final and deep push into the rapids and the hook lost its grib and Lars lost a real BIG Osanka.

Despite no trophy photos I am sure Lars will never forget this battle and it will remain forever in the tales of lost fish as most of us has encountered in Umba. The same day one of of  guests (sorry name lost in communication) caught 2 BIG Osankas of 25 Lbs and 20 Lbs in Cable Pool. The 25 Lbs went utterly bezerk and made a run for it and went 400 meters downstream between Island and Office Pool were it was finally stopped and landed. Bruno Segala managed to land a big fat Umba Chromer of 18 Lbs in Island Pool.

The total score for the week is 59 Salmon which is quite acceptable during these extreme conditions. Top rods; Eskild Dam Nielsen and Petri Telaranta with 11 Salmon each, well done! The week produced; 26 Salmon between 10-14 Lbs, , 7 Salmon between 15-19 Lbs, 1 x 2o Lbs and 1 between 25-29 Lbs.

Floating line and and small flies (6-8); the usual suspects such as Red Butt, The Cascade, Green Highlander and The Podolsky Fly. Water temperature is around 12-13 C which is about 5-7 C higher than normal.

Just received SMS (text) from Steffen while writing and he reports that the weather has finally changed (much cooler and heavy clouds) and that 9 Salmon was caught yesterday with just a few hours of fishing. The biggest of 17 Lbs, sea liced, thats a very good sign:)

Stay tuned for more Umba reports.

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