Umba Full week report

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Junkies Vodka-89

Historical LOW, DRY and HOT is what this season will be remembered for. We have had the warmest and driest weather on The Kola Peninsula in over a 100 years – the rumors say – and the continued hot summer with unusual high pressure – since may – really had an impact on this weeks catches. I have just read that northern part of Norway have the hottest weather in 75 years, still very hot.

43 Salmon all together with 8 between 10-14 Lbs, 5 Salmon between 15-19 Lbs and 2 Salmon between 20-24 Lbs.

Jonathan Morris and Neil Truelove caught some big chromers which was celebrated in Vodka and we welcome them to the 20 Lbs Club, well done! Benjamin Domange became this week top rod with 13 salmon in the books and 3 big fish of  0f 2 x 17 Lbs and 1 x 18 Lbs, great work especially in these though conditions!

Na zdorovje! (Cheers,bottoms up)

We are fortunate that Umba is supported by some very big lakes and the reason we usually have exceptional Autumn fishing with a very stabile water level and flow. Its only because of these massive water reservoirs that we are still able to fish under these extreme conditions. But having said that, we do need rain – and lots of it –  and cooler weather to get back to normal conditions.

Thank you for a great week with lots of sweat, hard work and true sportsmanship, we are very happy to hear that you all will be joining us next year in Umba.

Stay tuned for more news from Umba!

All the best


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