Umba full week report

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Umba 3

Still no signs of Autumn yet and this week has been sunny from morning to evening with temperatures between 20-25c . The river level is extremely low now and our Russian guides have never seen anything like it. Despite these real tough conditions, the group managed to catch 54 Salmon which is fine result giving the very poor odds.

84 year old Umba veteran Cornelis De Kanter caught a real beauty +20 Lbs in Golden Pool after 3 attempts up there which is good walk up there (1 hour). Its always worth while to fish the very top of Krivetz and often rewarded with some big Chromers. Antonio Falconio from Italy first timer in Salmon fishing caught also a big Chromer of 20 Lbs. 2 great highlights and achievements of the week worth remembering and inscribed in the Hall Of Fame in Umba Lodge. A big welcome to the 20 Lbs. Club!

This week produced 27 Salmon between 10-14 Lbs, 6 Salmon between 15-19 Lbs and 3 Salmon between 20-24 Lbs.

Floating line – water temperature 15c –  and small flies (6-8); the usual suspects such as Red Butt, The Cascade, Green Highlander and The Podolsky Fly (still waiting for picture).

As mentioned in my midweek report, we are making a new movie and our filmmaker Columbus Leth is with us now with a drone whereto we have attached a camera, I assume the Go Pro. Some great bird/helli views coming up:)

We have had enough of this endless summer and we do need rain and cooler temperature now to get back to the great numbers which Umba is all about. Lots of fish waiting to enter the system but probably not as impatient as we are.

Stay tuned for more reports coming up shortly.

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