Umba mid week report

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The summer wont let go in Umba and we have had bright sunshine everyday and with low water conditions on top of it, its not easy . Despite these tough conditions Umba has delivered good fishing. So far 9 rods have caught 35 Salmon; 14 Salmon between 10-14 Lbs, 4 Salmon between 15-19 Lbs and 3 Salmon between 20-24 Lbs. And a real monster of 26 Lbs. The BIG fish are coming in now!

Floating line and small flies (6-8); the usual suspects such as Red Butt, The Cascade, Green Highlander and The Podolsky Fly (still waiting for picture).

We are making a new movie and our filmmaker Columbus Leth is with us now with a drone whereto we have attached a camera. I hear that some spectacular bird view shots from the sky have been made, cant wait to see them. In this particular case the weather have been good for the shooting.

We are waiting for the Autumn weather with heavy rain and cooler temperature and hope that the summer once and for all will let go of its sunny grip in Umba.

Stay tuned for more reports coming up shortly.

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