Umba midweek report

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Despite low water conditions and sunny weather the fabulous fishing has continued with the new group. The first 3 days the group of 7 rods have caught 52 Salmon, whereto 22 Salmons were between 10-14 Lbs. 2 Salmons between 15-19 Lbs and 3 between 20-24 Lbs. Dan Christensen from Denmark has caught 3 x +20 Lbs, a BIG congratulation and welcome to the 20 Lbs. Club. Yesterday Dan Christensen – yes the same guy – caught 12 Salmon, what a start:) All the famous pools in Krivetz and Umba are very productive, however Long Pool and Golden Run have been more than generous this week and where Lucky Dan caught his 12 Salmon.

August just seems to get better and better every year. Still floating line and flies in seize 6-8, all the usual suspects.

Stay tuned for more news from generous Umba!

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