Three amazing weeks in June at Umba

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When the 2013 fishing season started on the Kola Peninsula the water level was low and the air temperature higher than normal. By June the water temperature was already at 15 degrees C. Umba River’s legendary chief guide, Nick Podolski, feared that this would put a damper on June fishing.
Fortunately for us the midsummer welcomed ​​a perfect mix of rain, wind and sun over a large catchment area. Along with a couple of minor sea-level rises and some periodic cool weather, 22 June saw the exact same flow and temperature as three weeks before. This was probably one of the main reasons that fish numbers were constantly high, providing our guests with the best fishing in recent years. The lower Umba from Junction Pool to Doctor’s Pool could be fished anywhere from both boat and shore. The Krivets was also readily available and the water level was still high in individual pools.
The Spring ascent culminated in a first week of 60 salmon for 3 rods. Thomas Tallskog caught his first salmon after six years of unsuccessful attempts in Norway and Sweden. He ended up being top rod with 17 salmon up to 20 lbs.

In the second week our 8 guests caught a combined total of 75 salmon. Austrian, Peter Kremsner, who the week before had fished Grand Varzuga together with David Stocker, became top rod with 20 salmon, 3 of which were over 20 lbs. Peter was partnered with David Stocker during the second week and they landed a staggering 6 x 20 pounders between them. Paul Walther from USA was on his second visit to the Umba and landed 12 beautiful salmon. The five other guests were a team of Belgian fishing friends. Rudy Ceuppens landed 14 salmon, while his brother, Robert, caught a 20 pounder in Junction Pool. Francis Wanten, a total beginner on arrival, landed 3 salmon and 2 fine sea trout.
The last week of June saw guests coming from France, Austria, Germany and Ireland.  Between them they landed 70 salmon. Frenchman, Arnaud Richard, was top rod with 2 trout and 13 salmon.  He had 3 over 10 lbs and the week’s biggest at 18 lbs. His buddy, Andre Reviere, did well with 10 salmon, of which 8 were over 10 lbs and the largest 16 lbs. Over the week the party landed 18 fish over 10 lbs.

All in all we had 3 fantastic weeks at Umba with consistently high catch rates.

Salmon Junkies returns to the mighty Umba from mid-August for the Autumn season and the rise of the unique large Osanka salmon, which offers superior world-class salmon fishing until mid-October.

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