Latest Report Mark and Kåre at Varzuga River

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End of week 24: Fishing at the Varzuga Camp the fishing is still difficult. Last week 106 Salmon was caught in total

There have been a lot of walking upstream to get to the fish.

42 Salmon between 4 – 7 Lbs

48 Salmon between 8 – 11 Lbs

13 Salmon between 12 – 15 Lbs

1 Salmon between 16 – 19 Lbs Caught by Stéphane Warnier who also showed off with another 2 Salmon on 20 Lbs!

Martin von Siemens and Michael Gerben were rewarded for their hard work! After a long expedition upstream which paid out really good with 10 Salmon for Martin and 18 Salmon too Michael

Martin von Siemens also ended up as Top Rod with a total of 31 Salmon landed!

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/Sune Mathias

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