Latest report from Steffen Juhl, Kola River Camp

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kola 16

End fo week 24: It have been a tough season on the Kola Peninsula. The weather have been extreeme, hot/cold and the Kola river have been relatively low on water and whit few fish. Most fishing have been carried out with Floating lines and small flies, size 6 – 12. especially in the late hours it have proven to be effective.
On our Kola River Camp 10 guests have been fishing during the last week, with a total of 35 Salmon landed.

  • 15 Salmon between 10–14Lbs.
  • 7   Salmon between 15–19Lbs.
  • 10 Salmon between 20–24Lbs.
  • 2   Salmon between 25–29Lbs.


Top Rod of the week was Lars Terkilsen from the “fiskeshopen”in Mörrum with some big salmon on 23lbs, 24lbs, 25lbs, and 26lbs! Nice work!

Another highlight of the week was Rolf Berliat, who caught a big 29Lbs Whopper in Umba last year – managed to land two fantastic Whoppers on 24Lbs!

We are entering the Las week on the Kola River and are looking forward to some rain and more fresh fish, these


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