Umba is still Delivering Miracles, Mid–Week report from Orla Bertram

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Week 24: The weather is changing quickly on the Kola Peninsula. Monday it was quiet, the sun was shining and the temperature just about 20C. Yesterday only 6C. Hard winds and only 6C. Today a mix between sun and rain and about 10C. but Umba River is still delivering miracles!

Peter Kremsner and David Stocker have joined The 20 Lbs. Club twice this week!
Peter caught his in salmon in Nick’s Pool and with a 13 lbs salmon and a smaller one – all of them was caught on the fly Golden Marie. David caught 3 Salmon in Golden Run all of them was caught on Red Butt.

Francis Wanten, caught his first Atlantic Salmon, a beautiful 15 Pounder, in Island Pool – Big Congratulations!

– Tight Lines
Sune Mathias

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