Latest Report from Steffen Juhl at Kola River

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Lars Terkildsen - big fish
Week 24: The last many weeks tropical weather have been hanging over the Kola Peninsula. Many fishermen have been praying for rain, and it seems that they now have been heard! The weather is now changing which means the total opposite from what they have been experiencing so far. The last couple of days our guests have been facing the Artic Winter chill, with temperatures around 6 – 8C. Russia is if any “The Land of Extremes”

Like many of the northern rivers on the Kola Peninsula, the Kola River have had a hard time. Though our guests have succeeded in catching some of the trophy salmon that Kola River is known for.

The most productive techniques have been floating lines, intermediate tapers and smaller flies.

 Here is a list of catches half way trough the week:

  • 8 Salmon from 10 – 14 Lbs.
  • 1 Salmon from 15 – 19 Lbs.
  • 5 Salmon from 20 – 24 Lbs.
  • 2 Salmon from 25 – 29 Lbs.


The river have gone up with 5 – 7 cm which clearly have improved the fishing!
Yesterday a couple of beautiful salmon was caught, the biggest – a 24 Lbs Whopper caught by Lars Terkildsen from Mörrum, Sweden

“The expectations are high for the last part of our week on the Kola River – We will be focusing on the night fishing as it appears to be the best time for luring these salmon to take the fly.”

 Says Steffen

Stay Tuned for more reports from the Kola River
– Sune Mathias Bach

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