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Fly fishing in russia

Week 24  – Report from Orla Bertram, Umba River

After a week with rain, wind and moderate temperatures the summer karma is once again upon the Umba River! Air temperatures are now about 17C. and the water is 15C.
The water level is fine and dropping.

Sunday our 3 guests last from Grand Varzuga arrived. Now all of our 8 guests for this week are now gathered in the Umba Camp. Already 20 Salmon are landed + one seatrout. Sunday a 20 Lbs. Salmon was caught in Junction Pool by Robert Ceuppens from Belgium, the fly was a local pattern by our guide Andreis.

Monday another pair of 20 Lbs. Salmon was caught by David Stocker from Texas and our faithful guest, Peter Kremsner from Austria. Both of these beauties was caught on a Red Butt in krivetz with the guide Igor.


We are looking forward to more fresh Salmon in the river and exciting reports!


– Tight Lines!
Sune Mathias


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