Umba Midweek report

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Week 23. The summer came early this year as well in the Umba region with low waterlevel and high temperatures. Thomas Tallskog who has been fishing Gaula and Laino for 6 years without any fish got 4 salmon the first day, one of which were 22 Lbs from Junction Pool a very happy angler and a BIG congratulation and welcome to the 20 Lbs Club. The first and half day the Umba team – 3 rods – got 16 salmon between them. Lots of salmon running during the night and yesterday the total score was 50 salmon for the 3 rods, what a result! This proves once again that Umba is back on track and now it has also effected the summer fishing. Nick Podolsky and his hardcore team conservation work have really paid off.

The water level has gone up now with about 5 cm due to cooler weather and much welcomed  rain. Floating line and Red Butt, Cascade and Willie Gun, not surprisingly:)

A very happy team:)

Stay tuned for more reports.

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