Grand Varzuga – Midweek report

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Week 23. The beginning of this week the heat did take over and had a negative affect on the fishing as water temperature reached 19/20c. Until yesterday the score was 40 salmon altogether and everyone had to work hard for the fish. Fortunately  cooler weather from the north  – it has been quite cold – and rain paid a visit and brought back the salmons appetite for moving and take the fly. 30 salmon have been caught today alone which says everything. One team got 16 salmons today and lost as many, dry flies have been tested and with big success even in the colder weather. Water temperature dropped today to 16c. An 18 Lbs was caught today, what a rewarding and much welcomed day!

This will be my final report behind the computer as I am leaving for Grand Varzuga Friday to Varzuga. Our brilliant webmaster Sune will take over the reporting. My turn to be reporting from location, cant wait:)

Stay tuned for more reports.

All the best



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