Ice break-up in Varzuga river

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The Ice broke up last week at Varzuga river – That’s really good news for our many guests fishing Grand Varzuga
The famous Varzuga River is one of the most productive and exciting salmon rivers in the world.  Salmon Junkies has an exclusive long term lease on more than 30 km of the most attractive and enjoyable salmon fishing on the Kola Peninsula.  This charming section of river gives access to the most prestigious and remote part of Varzuga, from the Yzia tributary down to the junction with Pana River.
The Grand Varzuga camp accommodates up to 10 guests in single rooms over five cabins.  There is a central shower and washing block, plus a cosy centrally placed dinning house with a veranda overlooking the river. There is also a Russian Banya (sauna), where you can enjoy steamy and relaxing warmth after a good days’ fishing.

Grand Varzuga is located about 15 km upstream of the Pana tributary.  Here the river is medium sized at 30 to 65 metres wide with numerous fast runs and rocky sections, which provide awesome holding spots. There are also slower and deeper sections, where some of the largest Varzuga fish tend to hold.  The biggest salmon are actually ‘designed’ to reach this part of the river.  The Grand Varzuga beat is so remote you will feel you have finally come to ‘salmon heaven’!

Now only three weeks before the grand opening

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