Latest carved Salmon from a living legend – Nick Podolsky

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семга 107 см

Besides being in charge of our Umba conservation program and daily management at the Umba lodge, Nick is deeply involved in local conservation issues in Tersky region on the southern part of Kola Peninsula. Nick is brainchild of behind environmental summer camps for the local young people, teaching them how to protect their “own backyard”.

However – Nick is also one hell of skilled craftsman / artist

Nick Podolsky carving career started after a visit to Sweden in 1996 where he was introduced to one of finest craftsman in the “Carving business”. Today Nick Podolsky’s carved Salmon and trout are world famous. Those of you who have been to Farlows wonderful tackle shop at Pall Mall Street in London, have probably noticed the many carved British records hanging on the wall at Farlow – Those carved fish comes from Nick Podolsky

Nick’s carved Salmon represent the best souvenir you can bring back home after a fishing trip to Umba



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