Skeena – 25 Steelhead in 4 days

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Here is a small follow up since our last report from The Mighty Skeena. The fishing is simply put, fantastic! Steffen and Columbus has landed 25 BIG Steelhead in 4 days. 3 Steelhead above 20 Lbs and 19 Steelheads between 14- 19 Lbs many of which are sea liced. This is truly Steelhead heaven.
The weather has changed to cooler conditions, however this haven’t changed the fishing at all with numerous of hook ups and aggressive long pulls every day between the fish landed. Lots of action straight into the backing, extremely exciting and a bit nerve wrecking, soon we can show you a super film, whats it all about. All fish have been captured so far on camera.
Salmon Junkies has already decided to run a program after 4 days of amazing fishing and we have handpicked the best weeks and hot spots for 2014. We will as always think out of the box ensuring our guests will get the best fishing possible. If you are interested in securing a rod for 2014 or have a few questions about our coming Steelhead program for 2014 please send Steffen ( a mail marked “Skeena Steelhead” in the subject line.
Tomorrow we will visit Bob Clay in Kispiox, the famous and legendary Splitcane builder and one of the coolest cats in the Steelhead community.
More to come from Steelhead Heaven…
All the best,
Kåre Lundquist

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