Affordable summer fishing in Umba river – The legendary Umba River – a magical salmon river that will enchant your soul and forever remain in your heart

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Few Salmon Rivers on the Kola Peninsula, or in the world for that matter, have had such a spellbinding and deeply felt effect on Salmon anglers from all over the world. For many of them it has almost become a lifelong love affair and you may witness hardened and weather-beaten anglers become all “mushy”, when they reflect and talk about Umba. Such is the character of this river and there are really very few places left in this world like it.

There are rivers on the Kola Peninsula, where you have the chance of catching higher numbers of smaller fish – but the unique mix of quantity-size and quality, that you will find on in Umba is unparalleled!

Travel to Umba – One day extra fishing free of charge!  The bus leaves Murmansk airport on Saturday at 01.00 a.m and arrives at the Umba Lodge early the same morning.  Fishing starts around noon after some hours sleep.  If you prefer to arrive in Murmansk later on the Saturday, you must pay for the additional extra transport costs.  Upon arrival at Murmansk airport, you will be greeted by a Salmon Junkies representative and guided to your bus.   The drive to Umba takes about five hours, but there is a short stop in Kandalaksha where you can enjoy a small snack and drink.  The last part of the drive from Kandalaksha is 105 km and goes deep into the Taiga.  It quickly becomes obvious just how far away from civilisation you really are – there is a reason why Umba is called ‘the end of the world’.  The drive to Umba is pretty comfortable as the road has been improved considerably recently.  The route sees us take the main road to St. Petersburg, providing a good insight into the region.

Available prime weeks season 2013

1/6 – 8/6 – 3 open rods

8/6 – 15/6 – 3 open rods

15/6 – 23/6 – 2 open rods


Umba Itinerary

  • Friday/Day 1: Arrive Murmansk airport in the evening. Bus depart Murmansk around midnight – Arrive Umba early Saturday morning.  Approximately five hours bus drive to Umba.
  • Saturday/Day 2:  After some rest, fishing Umba/Krivetz river.
  • Sunday/ Day 3:  Salmon fishing – Umba/Krivetz river
  • Monday/Day 4: Salmon fishing – Umba/Krivetz river
  • Tuesday 7/Day 5: Salmon fishing – Umba/Krivetz river
  • Wednesday/Day 6: Salmon fishing – Umba/Krivetz river
  • Thursday/Day 7: Salmon fishing – Umba/Krivetz river
  • Friday/Day 8: Salmon fishing – Umba/Krivetz river
  • Saturday/Day 9:  Depart Umba Lodge 01.00 am in the morning, arriving Murmansk around 06.00 in order to catch the first flights back to Moscow or St. Petersburg.

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