Grand Varzuga travel itinerary 2013

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The famous Varzuga River is one of the most popular and exciting salmon rivers in the world.  Salmon Junkies has an exclusive long-term lease on more than 30 km of the most attractive and enjoyable salmon fishing on the Kola Peninsula.  This charming section of river gives access to the most prestigious and remote part of Varzuga, from the Yzia tributary down to the junction with Pana River.

Grand Varzuga travel itinerary: This is how you will spend your week in Grand Varzuga

  • Sunday/Day 1: Pick up service at your Hotel in Murmansk at 09:00 AM. Following a 2 hour bus journey to Kirovsk airport, you will take a 50 minute helicopter flight to Grand Varzuga.  Sunday evening fishing will take place 1–4 km upstream from the camp under a schedule directed by the camp manager.
  • Monday/Day 2: Salmon fishing – Grand Varzuga
  • Tuesday/Day 3:  Salmon fishing – Grand Varzuga
  • Wednesday/Day 4: Salmon fishing – Grand Varzuga
  • Thursday/Day 5: Salmon fishing – Grand Varzuga
  • Friday/Day 6: Salmon fishing – Grand Varzuga
  • Saturday/Day 7: Salmon fishing – Grand Varzuga
  • Sunday morning/Day 8: Return to Murmansk via Kirovsk Airport. Bus drive to Murmansk, arriving in the afternoon 15:00PM Approx

Our Grand Varzuga beat is so remote you will feel you have finally come to ‘salmon heaven’!  Close to the camp there is plenty of prime fly water.  Not all of the pools have been discovered yet, so you may even find get a pool named after you!

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