Fresh pictures from Kola River today!

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Here are a few fresh pictures from Kola River and Kola River Camp today. Steffen have spend all day with new owner Dmitryi Leonidovitch Kuznetsoy  “New Sheriff in Town”  preparing for the new season. Lots of snow all the way up to the windows, Kola River totally frozen and covered in snow including Kitza. Its beautiful up there with some daylight now as you can see from the pictures.

Dmitryi have big plans for Kola River and have invested a lot in a new upgrade of the camp, rebuilding, new boats, guides etc…He reassured once again there will be no poaching or other anglers on his exclusive water including Kitza and Junction Pool on his watch. As a matter of fact he will be there himself all season together with the 10 guards.

We cant wait to start the season for the mighty BIG chromes!

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