Umbalievable June fishing at the Umba

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Every week, every day from May through October there is always a chance of catching a Salmon over 20lbs in the Umba. The fishing starts in early June when the annual spring flood is running off.  We find that the white polar nights imbue an almost trance like feeling of euphoria amongst our guests.  This is the time of the year where thousands of Salmon start to run, providing an almost continuous supply of fish to the river.

Summer Bombs:
 It is also the period where the large overwintering salmon – the overwintering salmon that are so unique to the Umba – wake from winter ‘hibernation’ and join the fresh run Salmon on their way toward the spawning grounds. These overwintering salmon – not to be confused with Kelts (returning salmon that have spawned) – are magnificent fighting fish that like to go deep and hard. Still in their silvery livery, overwintering salmon are bound to stay in the river for a year before spawning and you will be in absolutely no doubt when you hook one. At up to 25% heavier by length, these ‘bombs’ will make your lower jaw smack the bank!  The average summer salmon may be between 7 and 18 lb, but every week some guests will land much bigger fish.

What to expect?

During the last couple of years we have witnessed some fantastic fishing in the first few weeks.  Umba truly is a hidden gem, still undiscovered by many anglers. Personally I love this time of year; Spring unfolds into Summer virtually overnight and the 24/7 daylight provides endless hours of fishing.  What to expect? If a picture paints more than a 1000 words, then what about a moving picture?  Why not watch our 2 short movies from June 2011.  We believe these ‘say it all’ about June fishing in the Umba.

You can watch the videos here:

Hungry For Umba Whoppers

Umba Summer Karma

A well-established and safe program:

Our Umba program does not rely on helicopter transport, which keeps the price down (Euro 2850 per rod). And, of course, there is little chance of being ‘fogged in’ with our modern coaches. Having been at most of the Kola camps, I have to say that one gets a very special feeling from the atmosphere at the Umba Lodge.  A summer evening on the veranda overlooking Home Pool, often with salmon jumping in plain sight, provides a lifelong memory. All this combined with great food and friendly service makes for one of the nicest lodges anywhere.

Daily schedule at Umba River:

Fishing starts each day after breakfast at approximately 09.00 and continues until lunch.  Half of the fishing group will return to the Lodge to eat.  The other half will have a bank side lunch together with the guide at one of the fireplaces we have along the spectacular Krivetz stretch. The fishing stops around 19.00 and dinner will be served at 20.00 in the Lodge.  After that it is time to socialize and relax in front of a roaring fire, where it is usual for the air to be filled with wild and passionate stories from the day.

Travel to Umba – One day extra fishing free of charge!

Our coach leaves Murmansk airport on Saturday at 01.00. You will be greeted by a Salmon Junkies representative and guided to your Coach. The drive to Umba takes about five hours, but there is a short stop in Kandalaksha where you can enjoy a small snack and drink.  The last part of the drive is 105 km and goes deep into the Taiga.  It quickly becomes obvious just how far away from civilization you really are – there is a reason why Umba is called ‘the end of the world’.  The drive to Umba is pretty comfortable, as the road has been improved considerably recently.  The route sees us take the main road to St. Petersburg, providing a good insight into the region. You will arrive in Umba early the same morning.  Fishing starts around noon after some hours sleep.

Umba Itinerary:

  • Friday/Day 1: Arrive Murmansk airport in the evening. Bus drive to Umba departs 01.00
Saturday morning.  Approximately five hours bus drive to Umba.
  • Saturday/Day 2:  After some rest, fishing Umba/Krivetz river
  • Sunday/ Day 3:  Fishing – Umba/Krivetz river
  • Monday/Day 4: Fishing – Umba/Krivetz river
  • Tuesday 7/Day 5: Fishing – Umba/Krivetz river
  • Wednesday/Day 6: Fishing – Umba/Krivetz river
  • Thursday/Day 7: Fishing – Umba/Krivetz river
  • Friday/Day 8: Fishing – Umba/Krivetz river
  • Saturday/Day 9:  Depart Umba Lodge 01.00 in the morning, arriving Murmansk around     06.00 in order to catch the first flights back to Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Lifelong love affair:
Umba is everything a salmon angler could wish for, and takes quantity and quality to a new level.  Few Salmon rivers on the Kola Peninsula, or in the world for that matter, have such an exhilarating effect on anglers, wherever in the world they may come from.  For many it has almost become a lifelong love affair, and you may witness hardened and weather-beaten anglers get ‘mushy’ when they reflect and recount their stories.  Such is the character of this river – there really are very few places left in this world like it.

Join us for an unforgettable adventure to the legendary Umba River in June 2013. Please contact Steffen Juhl (( for further information or questions.

All the best,

Steffen & Kåre


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