Red Butt – The Workhorse

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One of the most popular and productive Salmon flies for our fishing in Russia, has to be the Red Butt.

There are many ideas how a Red Butt should look like. Hereby how a Red Butt should look like according our “House fly tire” Thorsten Strüben

Red Butt

Butt: Fine oval silver Tinsel

Tag : Red Flatbraid

Tail: Red Fluofiber

Body: first half/ silver Flatbraid. Second half/ peacock ice dubbing

Ribbing: medium oval silver Tinsel

Bodyhackle: black hackle

Wing: black Tanuki

Throat: black hackle

Sides: jungle cock

Head: red Thread

Hook: Partridge Double Wilson/ Low Water Size 6

No matter what Salmon River on the Kola Peninsular you are going to fish in 2013, you must to bring a dozen of Red Butt´s in size 4 – 8

If you need some super flies for the upcoming season, you can always mail Thorsten Strüben –

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