Amazing Kola Whopper caught by Kola veteran Julian Pullan / UK.

steffen Statements

Hi Steffen

Here’s my big Kola fish. Weight in the net was 42lbs, and we weighed the net at 2lbs. The scale was pounds only so we had no kilo measurement. Length roughly 46 inches. What doesn’t come across in the pictures is the depth of the fish, as it is squashed up by holding it. In all the excitement I never photographed it on its side, or measured the depth, but it was a really deep fish.

Caught near the top of Serious Pool, Kola River at approx 15.00. I had landed a 15lb fish from exactly the same spot on almost the preceding cast. Fly was a “German Snaelda” fished on an intermediate line.

For the week we had 97 fish to 13 rods. 28 of these were over 20lbs, 3 of which were over 30, and 1 of which 40. Had we been able to fish from boats I have no doubt the score would have been 50% higher, if not more – as we were unable to fish many of the best pools, and best parts of pools, from the bank.

Nonetheless a great result and an amazing week. I will be astonished if I ever land another fish of this size.

In total I had 10 fish for the week – 11,15,15,16,18,18,18,20,24 and 40Lbs!, and lost just 3 (all in the same pool, Dry Martini, in swift succession using a hook that had perhaps been too severely de-barbed)

Best regards

Julian Pullan