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Hi Steffen,

I am delighted to hear that you are going to be involved in the Kola River operation in the future.  If you are as successful on the Kola as you have been on the Umba, I am sure the salmon fishing in the Kola river will only get better than it already is. Susy and I fished on the Kola for a week in early July in 2008 and had a great time and also caught a lot of salmon there, including 3 that were over 20 pounds with the largest at 25 pounds.  I caught 28 salmon there that week and Susy caught 14.  Most of the salmon were between 10 and 20 pounds with only a few smaller ones. It was a great week of fishing.  I had one much larger salmon that I was not able to follow downstream and ended up losing in a large rapids.

The home pool right there in front of the lodge is a great pool and I fished it every evening after dinner till around 1:00 AM.  I caught quite a few salmon, including several larger ones, there in the evenings.  I also walked upstream a short distance to another very nice pool at the top of the rapids above the home pool.  I hooked and lost very large salmon in the pool right below the railroad bridge

I would be very excited about the possibility of returning to challenge the Kola River again.  There may be fewer salmon there in June than in July, but there would be more larger salmon in June.  I know that there is a good chance at a salmon over 30 pounds and perhaps even 40 pounds if you are really lucky.

Terry Nab / Idaho

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