A river with friends is a protected river!

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The feedback to our Kola River Newsletter issued last Friday has been overwhelming.  We at Salmon Junkies wish to express our warmest gratitude for the many encouraging and supporting mails received over the weekend.  We rely heavily on the support of you, our fellow ‘Salmon Junkies’, to maintain a strong and enforced river watch plan for the Kola River.  With your help we should be able to keep our Russian friends focused and dedicated.  A river with friends is a protected river!

Hereby a couple of comments and photos

Hi Steffen

“What great news about the Kola – I would love to fish Kola again, and would ask that you reserve a rod for me for the third week in June 2014 following on from my week on Upper Varzuga which I requested recently. Unfortuneately I cannot do 2013 as I have overcommitted already.

I am sending a photo I had taken of my 39.5lber caught under the railway bridge on Reindeer beat. It was a massive lady in magnificent condition, as you can see, still with a few sealice on it. Looking at it again. With its great depth and girth, I think it could be over 40lbs.”


Philip Bowden-Smith

Hi Steffen Juhl

“It is really good news to hear that Salmon Junkies is going to take a grip on this and that you are involved, after what you have managed on the Umba!

Kola is such a fabulous, grand river with such large fish in it, definitely one of my favorites, so I really hope that your venture is successful and that I will be able to return next year.

Enclose a photo of my 28Lbs June salmon from Kola river”

Best regards

Clive Bruton

Please Notice: If some of you should have some old Kola photos, we at salmon Junkies would be happy to publish your “Big fish photo” here on www.salmonjunkies.com – Mail them to sj@salmonjunkies.com

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