Steelhead fishing in British Columbia – Haida Gwaii

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“Why sit at home dreaming of silver-fresh, sea-run fish? Shake the winter blues! Join Steffen and North American writer, photographer and travel host Jeff Bright for week of steelhead fishing on the secret, un-pressured rainforest rivers of Haida Gwaii. Known as the Canadian Galapagos, Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) is one of the planet’s special places — from both a biological and cultural standpoint. This large island grouping off British Columbia’s northern coast is home to the Haida Nation and legendary runs of winter steelhead. Accommodations and guiding are with Copper Bay Lodge, located near the town of Sandspit and overlooking the ocean on a private beach at Hecate Strait. Dates are 19-26 January and cost is $4100 CAD from Sandspit. If you’re looking for fishing off the beaten path, many say this is as good as it gets.” The Copper Bay program features an intriging variety of rivers; of particular interest is the Yakoun. Over 35 percent of all returning adult Yakoun River steelhead are three-salt fish, and 30 percent are four-salts

When fishing Queen Charlottes you are extremely remote and secluded in your own private paradise, but it is actually quite easy to get here. This is a huge advantage compared to visiting remote locations in Northern Canada or Alaska. This means more time spent on the water and less time sitting on planes.

Vancouver has a first-class international airport that will make your connection to Sandspit extremely easy and comfortable. Sandspit, B.C. is located approximately 480 miles northwest of Vancouver.  Air Canada Jazz offer daily flights from Vancouver to Sandspit, with convenient arrival/departure schedules that make same-day connections possible for most travelers.

Space at Copper Bay Lodge is very limited as we only take small groups at any given time and advance reservations are required.

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