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Dear Salmon Junkies – The 2012 season on the Umba will go down as one of our best seasons in many years, with a bigger average size of fish and salmon. Clearly a wonderful indication that we are on the right track regarding our long termed conservation plans for Umba. Our June weeks turned out really good both in numbers and size, and many of our guests managed to land a Hot magic Twenty pounder Salmon.

Our Autumns weeks on the Umba nearly always proves an awesome period due to great Fishing weather and the arrival of the fresh big autumn salmon. This autumn at Umba was no exception

Hereby the biggest caught salmon was in the period from middle of August until middle of October

Salmon between 10Lbs – 14Lbs = 169 Salmon

Salmon between 15Lbs – 19Lbs = 78 Salmon

Salmon between 20Lbs – 24Lbs = 34 Salmon

Salmon between 25Lbs – 29Lbs = 9 Salmon

Salmon Between 30Lbs – 34Lbs = 1 Salmon

Thanks to all the many Umba supporters, who understand the value of this very unique river. Salmon Junkies will continue our protection plan for Umba – Without the support from you guys our conservation plan wouldn’t work. And remember  “A river without friends isn’t protected”.

Grand Varzuga 2012

Salmon Junkies managed last year to get full exclusivity on a long-term lease of more than 30 km of some of the most attractive and enjoyable salmon fishing on the Kola Peninsula from 2012 – The famous Varzuga River. Looking back our 2012 turned out to be far more than fabulous. Our stretch on Grand Varzuga is really where the big fish stop!

As amazing as it sounds, we caught 731 salmon during our 3 weeks between 25 rods, and with staggering 131 fish from 10 – 15lbs. and 6 salmon between 16 – 20lbs.

Our Russian team

The entire Russian team has done a magnificent job in 2012.  The individual effort of each person on staff has contributed to this result. The team has skillfully navigated extremely long days, short nights, and the advent of unexpected daily changes, always with an eye towards producing the very best salmon angling experience for our clients.  We at Salmon Junkies are very proud of the teams we have. I cannot thank you all enough for your professionalism and hard work through the entire season. To our River Guard Teams, our Mechanics, our kitchen Staff, and our Murmansk Office Team – thank you all for a tremendous season 2012!

Junky Karma!

We call our accommodations casual. We pride ourselves on a high level of service and on delivering a great experience during your stay, but we are not trying to be a ‘Super luxury lodge’. The atmosphere is relaxing with the right “Salmon Junkies Karma”, and we’re not too worried about formalities. You’ll spend quality time with quality people like yourself. In our camps, no one will be offended by your cigar smoke, or your Scotch spilled laughing around the fireplace.

We at Salmon Junkies swear you that we will do our very best to fulfill your wildest fishing dreams in the years to come. We are constantly trying to offer the best and less expensive High-class Atlantic salmon fishing.

A Billion thanks for your BIG support. Without YOU, there would be no Salmon Junkies – Just Junkies.

We at Salmon Junkies wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year – We hope to see you “Out there” 2013

Steffen & Kåre


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