The Black Sheep

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This Fly was originated in 1977 by Joseph P. Hubert from Minnesota. The Sheep series consists of six patterns that are dressed in a similar manner. In addition to Black, the colour variations are brown, blue, silver, red and green. My favourite, and probably the most famous of all the Sheep flies has to be the Black Sheep.

From early spring to late fall The Black Sheep have been very generous to me tied on a double hook # 6 – 8.

Black Sheep original dressing

Tag: Oval silver tinsel or wire

Body: Black wool

Throat: King fisher blue (Deep blue)

Wing: Black under wing and Yellow over wing (In the original pattern Bucktail hair – today most fly-tiers prefer hair material like fox or other soft hair)

Cheeks: Jungle cock (NOT A MUST)

Head: Red (NOT A MUST)

Hook/size: 2 – 10 or as Tube fly

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