In Umba there is always a chance of catching a salmon over 20lbs

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In Umba there is always a chance of catching a salmon over 20lbs – Every day – Every week – From May until October

The Umba season starts right after the ice melts in early May and continues into October. During this period there are five different runs of salmon creating a nearly continuous run of fish entering the river.

Chances of big fish – and large numbers

Every week during the season there are opportunities for catching really big Umba salmon – and thus not only great numbers of smaller salmon. In a 12 weeks period / season 2013 we landed 89 Salmon between 15 Lbs. up to 19 Lbs. Top rod caught 28 Salmon in one week, and 45 Salmon between 20 Lbs. up to 31 Lbs.

Safe water conditions

As the Umba watershed is vast and consists of several large lakes and water-absorbing bogs, the water levels are consistent.

A well-established and safe program

The Umba program does not helicopter transport – our modern busses are never “fogged in” – and this also keeps prices down.

TRAVEL TO UMBA – One day extra fishing free of charge

Program: The bus will leave Murmansk airport Saturday morning 01.00 AM. You will arrive at the Umba Lodge early Saturday morning. After some hours sleep we will start fishing Saturday around noon.

Fair prices

As the Umba program does not rely on expensive helicopter transport, Salmon Junkies is able to offer very moderate prices compared with other program in Russia.

Of course there is much more to tell about the Umba River. For example that the Krivetz beat is one of the most classic, but also challenging flywater you can find. In addition to Krivetz you will have access to all the famous classic Umba pools like, Rat’s Pool, Brad’s Pool, Lohkinka, The Bar, Home Pool and Doctor’s Pool, and all the other smaller or bigger pools. And all pools are within a short distance of the outstanding Umba lodge.

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