New Hardy Perfect – The best “No nonsense” fly reel ever build

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Since the first Hardy Perfect reel was designed by Foster Hardy in the Alnwick Factory, Anglers around the globe have agreed that the Hardy Perfect reel is indeed the ultimate in Salmon Fly Reels.

Many years have passed since Foster worked on his ‘apprentice’ powered treadle lathe to produce the first ‘Perfect’ reel, and countless reels of different designs have been sold by numerous fishing tackle companies, but none have stood the test of time like the Hardy Perfect.

Although Foster’s original design has undergone several design updates in the last 121 years, the sound principal which Foster originally patented in December 1888 still remains in the Salmon Perfect we are manufacturing in our Alnwick Factory today.

The 2012 Salmon Perfect takes the best features from the various designs over the years – check mechanism and dimensions from the 1921 Perfect, the 1972 reel back and a plate design which echoes that of 1912 Perfect. Combine these with Barstock Aluminum construction, 17 stainless steel ball bearing race, ivorine type handle and revolving line guard, and the fact that the Perfect reel design has been undergoing field testing since 1921

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