Dave Parkes favourite fly – The Willie Gunn

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Why not bring a couple of Dave Parkes interpretation of the famous Willie Gunn next time you go salmon fishing? This is how Dave’s flies looks. Fished on a Guideline Triple density Float/Int/Sink 2 shooting head Dave nailed 1 x 20Lbs. Salmon – 1 x 23Lbs. Salmon – 1 x 24Lbs. Salmon – 1 x 25 Lbs Salmon. Dave landed another 12 x “smaller” Salmon during his Umba stay 29/9 – 6/10. Dave’s 23Lbs. 24Lbs and 25Lbs salmon was caught during one afternoon session. All his salmon was Chrome and sea-liced. – Woooooooow!!!!

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