31Lbs Umba Chromer to Danish Peder Langkjær

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Peder Langkjær is almost a kind of a legend in the Danish salmon community.  Mostly because he always get the big ones. Some years ago Peder mange to land a 37Lbs Salmon in Danish River Skjern one sunny April morning, and it took Peder almost 2 hours to land the “beast”. This year 2nd October Peder manage once again to crack the Thirty pound code – this time it was not in a small Danish river, but in a raising Umba river. Together with “Mr Big Salmon” Guide Farit, Peder manage to land a 31 Lbs Fat Umba Whopper from one of the small pockets below Golden pool. The fish took a Phatakorva tube fly. Congratulation once again Peder

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